Andrea Simi, POIMEC

Linea di Confine continues its traditional proposal of research focusing on contemporary issues starting from a local analysis of broader phenomena. This photographic survey concerns a small engineering company located in the Tecnopolo (‘Technology Hub’) of Moncalieri (province of Turin), characterised by a strong vocation for international markets ever since its foundation in the mid-’50s. 

Andrea Simi relates to the specificity of the context driven by a strong cognitive intent and, through his documentary practice, hints at a precise approach to the issue of the photography of work and its issues of representation and description. His is a stance in sharp contrast with postmodernist rhetoric, which seems to want to preclude photography from any possibility of questioning the real, confining its meaning to the aesthetic sphere alone. 


Rubiera, Linea di Confine Editore, 2019. 


Format: 25 x 28 cm, pp. 156, paperback Otabind cover, 113 colour photographs.
Texts by Andrea Simi, William Guerrieri and Silvia Vercelli, in Italian and English. 

Prezzo: 24 euro 

ISBN: 978-88-88382-29-6