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Linea di Confine per la Fotografia Contemporanea is based in Rubiera, Reggio Emilia, in the 16thcentury building known as the Ospitale. On the ground floor there are the association offices, while on the first floor there is an exhibition room, a climate-controlled archive for the housing of photographic collections, and a library with around 600 works on contemporary photography which may be consulted on request. Other spaces of the Ospitale building are also used by the association for special display events.

The Ospitale is in Rubiera, around 1 km from the town centre, near the provincial road leading towards Correggio and Campogalliano. Rubiera can be reached using the regional train service on the main Milan-Bologna train line. From Reggio Emilia, Rubiera may also be reached using the suburban bus service (No. 2 barred), which runs frequently from the Via Emilia, near the railway station.  

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The association library, founded in the early ‘90s on the basis of the publications received and donated by the photographers who had taken part in the Linea di Confine studies, has been added to over the years by purchases in Italy and abroad, and now features over 700 works on contemporary photography. As well as all the works published by Linea di Confine, the collection includes rare monographs by modern and contemporary authors as well as the main publications of the ‘80s and ‘90s focusing on territorial studies. The library also holds numerous essays on the theory and history of contemporary photography.  

Works may be consulted by appointment. The titles available may be consulted online through the link of the Province of Reggio Emilia: opac.provincia.re.it/opacreggio/Home.aspx


The photography collection of Linea di Confine came into being in the wake of the studies carried out from 1990 onwards, and has been enhanced with photographs produced ever since on the occasion of study projects with works by photo-researchers of international standing as well as young Italian photographers.  

The collection, consisting of around 2,500 photographs, has an exceptional historical and cultural as well as artistic value, both by virtue of the homogeneous origins of the works and the standing of their creators, some of whom are widely recognised masters of contemporary photography (Lewis Baltz, Frank Gholke, John Gossage, Guido Guidi, Axel Hütte, Walter Niedermayr, Michale Schmidt, Stephen Shore and many others) and whose works are to be found in major public and private collections around the world. As well as the works produced as part of the study process, the collection is also enhanced by the photographs used for the publication of the Linea di Confine book series.  

The catalogue of the exhibition Trans-Emilia. Le collezioni Linea di Confine: una ricognizione territoriale dell’Emilia Romagna, curated by the Winterthur Fotomuseum in Switzerland, on the occasion of the touring exhibition, provides an overview of the collection up to 2004.  

All the works are stored in keeping with the latest conservation guidelines, and may be consulted online via the website: imago.sebina.it/SebinaOpacIMAGO/Opac


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